はじめに Introduction


Nice to meet you! or Hello, again!

Call me "Tomotomo".


I started this blog cause I'm eager to achieve   my goal getting 950 score in TOEIC test.


I'm just a normal working mother. I've just returned to my company after I was in a maternity leave for 1 year. 

...and let me introduce my family, first.

 "Aki-chan" is my husband. He is a crazy bicycle rider. And "Shun-bou" is our baby, 1 year old boy, started walking today, just three steps, but I was really moved.


I don't have an opportunity to use English in my office at all.I am in charge of public service for senior people, most of them are Japanese. But I have a short-term dream that is to move to a section where workers normally use English.


I think even if I got 950 score, my dream rarely comes true because it isn't so easy. But, it's OK for me! To let my life more enjoyable, first of all, I need to get my goal.


Actually, before  this blog, I had an another blog where I introduce my "bento" every day. And making "bento" is my custom now! I had made "bento" 1 or 2 times a year  before I started that blog.

Here's the blog.

早起きが苦手な自分が毎日弁当を作るようになった!いつ誰が見ているか分からない緊張感 (笑)ブログの効果ってすごいと思います。

Thanks for a blog, a person who is not good at getting up early became to make "bento" every day! Wow! I have a tence like  "Somebody checking me everytime". Blog's power is so powerful.


So, that's why today is my first day for this blog. I couldn't sleep well tonight after thinking about my present work, so I decided to use the power for English! What a undependable decision.



Thank you for reading.

From Tomotomo being not good at switching thinking.


I just wrote this sentence on my bed. I'll check my English here tomorrow. Good night!